CloudVisit software benefits

CloudVisit’s video collaboration platform is easy to deploy, manage and use, and provides a high return on investment. By adopting this video communication technology, organizations enable a superior effectiveness and efficiency in human-to-human interactions over a distance. The platform is secure, scalable, and seamlessly integrates with third party systems and applications, reducing user frustration and increasing workforce productivity.

With CloudVisit Remote Inspection, the shortage of qualified experts and the high cost of sending them to remote job sites for quality control and safety inspections is a thing of the past. Inspectors can now observe, inspect, and verify completed or corrected work from their home or office over video, regardless of geographic location. There is no longer downtime while the inspector is in transit from one job site to the next. This results in significant cost and time savings.

Benefits for customers, employees and the environment

CloudVisit improves the direct interaction between technicians and personnel on remote locations with its live video inspections that are controlled by managers or experts working remotely.

Multi-user cloud-based video connection and file storage
  • Enable COVID-19 social distancing requirements through video conferencing and virtual collaboration
  • Reduce the number of deficiencies associated with new installations because the work is completed correctly the first time
  • Reduce cost per maintenance event by optimizing the efficiency and availability of inspectors and subject matter experts
  • Reduce time per maintenance event by improving overall efficiency
  • Reduce number of return visits by catching errors that might have been missed
  • Improve quality through instant feedback and competency development
  • Provide real-time updates of project statuses and file sharing
  • Optimize workforce efficiencies with automation by capturing data continuously or within a checklist, along with exporting, and sharing the knowledge
  • Improve safety with faster and more reliable repairs
  • Sustain healthy and safe environments for clients and all involved personnel
  • Reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact essential to global sustainability

CloudVisit’s software modernizes your business operations and maximizes profitability

If your current workforce collaboration between clients, project managers, inspectors and crew members includes travel to remote locations, collection of photographic evidence, and tracking documentation – CloudVisit streamlines your process into modern best practices:

  • The CloudVisit application was built specifically to enhance virtual collaboration and to improve the speed, quality, and predictability of operations.
  • CloudVisit provides the ability to customize the solution to meet an organization’s specific needs.
  • CloudVisit has experience with customized large-scale deployments.
  • CloudVisit helps companies capture the possibilities and implement solutions that exceed expectations.

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