Remote inspection testimonials

“We use the CloudVisit solution for all of our customers and for all of our remote site activities. This application has significantly increased quality, decreased site revisits, and improved customer satisfaction.”

Director of Project Operations

“CloudVisit allows us to cover more sites with fewer resources. Before, a deployment supervisor might have been able to get to 3 to 5 sites per week. Now they can review work at 2 to 3 sites per day.”

Advanced Services Engineer

“The software really helps to check and track the installation team”

Streamlining workflow is made simple and effective with remote inspection software. You can stay in touch with you team through emails and updates in the session log, and be contacted instantly for a video conference.

Witchapon K.

“Using this new software has absolutely reduced the cost of the project for the ASP team.”

Industry experts find our remote inspection software easy to use and cost efficient.

Amit A.

“CloudVisit is an integral part of the services we deliver to our customers.”

Network Rollout Manager

“Our customers require we show them proof of the work we’ve completed for them. It would take us an average of eight hours to put this together before we started using CloudVisit. After implementing CloudVisit, the handoff package preparation averages two hours.”

Services Resource Manager

“CloudVisit is much more than a video conference platform.  It is the best platform for being able to see what is being done on a site without having to be physically at the site.”

Deployment Supervisor