Wind turbine maintenance software

Power the world with wind energy. CloudVisit’s Energy Inspection Software is remote inspection software that enables experts to approve installations of wind turbines, as well as the maintenance, repairs, and operation processes, all without leaving the office. Wind turbines are exposed to a myriad of intense weather conditions and require constant inspection, maintenance and repair. With a scarcity of industry experts, inspections are costly and time consuming.

Remote inspection software provides a simple solution, and CloudVisit Remote Inspection has 15 years experience leading the way in software programming, video conferencing, and telecommunications. We offer more than project management technology, and our software is scalable and secure, empowering in-demand industry experts to inspect wind turbines and other critical assets such as the wind turbine gearbox, or wind turbine blades. All data—including video recordings, screen captures, annotated images, and more is paperless and stored in the cloud.

Wind capacity is growing at unprecedented rates—the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) predicts that by 2050 we will have 404 gigawatts (GW) of wind energy capacity, up from the current production of 89 GW. CloudVisit Remote Inspection and Energy Maintenance Software will be integral to the expansion of wind energy production, empowering more industry experts to repair and accept a larger number of sites, without the wait and without the travel costs.

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