Why Choose CloudVisit Telemedicine?

There are many reasons to choose CloudVisit as your telemedicine / telepsychiatry provider. With our simple and intuitive web interface, transparent pricing model, and easy setup, the question is: Why not?

CloudVisit Telehealth - online video doctor appointments

Easy, safe, and affordable telemedicine

CloudVisit Telemedicine gives you instant access to patients, regardless of location. Video sessions let you control your schedule and help reduce office expenses.

We make it easy for you to leverage video chat technology in a way that is safe and secure. Our simple-to-use system lets you focus on your patients without having to learn complicated programs or worry about record keeping.

At the same time, your patients receive the same quality, face-to-face care as in office visits, without the hassle and expense of travel.

You’ll be up and running with just a webcam and your high-speed internet connection. Our HIPAA-compliant security measures ensure that your online sessions are fully-encrypted and confidential. Sessions may also be recorded and stored for future reference; and patient documentation can be downloaded in PDF format.

CloudVisit Psychiatry - telemedicine software

Your time is valuable

Video consultations give you the flexibility to treat patients from your home or office. You control the scheduling to fit within your regular in-office times or evening hours. Choosing CloudVisit as your telemedicine / telepsychiatry provider adds versatility to your practice while allowing for better management of both your personal and professional time.

Easy and affordable

Our low-cost, simple setup lets you treat patients with your current broadband internet connection and webcam. With no expensive equipment to buy and easy credit card billing you’ll see an immediate return on your investment.

Ease of use for both you and your patients is one of the major benefits of choosing CloudVisit as your telemedicine / telepsychiatry provider.

Privacy and security

HIPAA-compliant security measures ensure reliability and legally sound patient interaction. You have encrypted access to session recordings and patient information from any Internet-connected computer. With fully encrypted databases and all servers protected behind our hardware firewall, you can be sure your patients and practice are safe from intrusion.

Security is something we take very seriously, and these measures are just one of the many reasons to choose CloudVisit as your safe, secure telemedicine / telepsychiatry provider.

Practice and revenue growth

Online consults help you attract new patients, regardless of location, and increase profitable encounters with existing patients. By choosing CloudVisit as your telemedicine and telepsychiatry provider a new avenue of marketing is opened to you with your unique practice website and online presence — a service not offered by the competition.

Improved productivity

Video consults make it easy for patients to keep appointments regardless of the weather, changes in their schedule, or transportation issues. Knowing their support is just a click away helps save them time and money.

Choosing CloudVisit as your telemedicine / telepsychiatry provider creates a smoother treatment process for you and your patients. This results in higher patient satisfaction rates and increases the likelihood of patient return and patient referrals.

Evolve your practice

With CloudVisit as your telemedicine and telepsychiatry provider you have the power and flexibility to offer extended hours, reduce in-office time and overhead, and even enter semi-retirement. Online consultations help you better manage your practice, as well as your time, in a way that fits your needs and lifestyle.

What patients are saying about telemedicine

“It’s so easy!”

Patients love hassle-free appointment scheduling and no-travel online consultations. They can stay home or simply close their office door and begin a session.

“Appointments are easy to keep.”

No need to skip appointments when patients are feeling under the weather or stuck home due to poor road conditions. Video sessions help maintain continuous, obstacle-free care.

“It’s affordable.”

Patients appreciate the easy credit card payments and the ability to schedule individual or routine sessions.

“It saves me time & money.”

Without the expense and aggravation of traveling to and from your office, patients are more relaxed and get more out of therapy. Flexible scheduling helps them fit appointments in between meetings or even during early morning or evening hours.

“I can see the provider that’s right for me.”

Online care lets a patient choose you as their provider regardless of where they live. Referrals are optimized when patients don’t have to worry about you being too far away.

Choosing CloudVisit as your telemedicine provider gives you the unique advantage of having your own telemedicine practice website, making you stand out from the crowd.