Remote video inspections for fire protection and life safety systems

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) highlights the value of remote inspections due to its convenience, safety, and social distancing using everyday technology, prompting numerous organizations to change the way they do inspections. Remote video inspections (RVI) are considerably less expensive than traditional in-person inspections because they eliminate the inspector’s time and costs associated with travel to remote or distant locations.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection software enables a fire protection engineer (FPE) to be on-site but without leaving his or her office. Advancements in technology allow fire inspectors, technicians, fire department, customers, and involved personnel to use CloudVisit Remote Inspection software with everyday devices, like desktop or laptop computers, and mobile devices.

Remote video inspection from home or office

Fire inspector:

  • Creates and starts the session
  • Loads checklist
  • Grabs timecodes and status values
  • Captures recordings and screenshots
Mobile video sharing during a remote video inspection

Fire technician:

  • Launches mobile app
  • Joins session
  • Demonstrates completed work scope
  • Interacts with the inspector through audio and video

CloudVisit’s RVI platform is used to conduct virtual fire safety system inspections, enabling fire inspectors and building officials to catch deficiencies and fix them per applicable fire safety standards. The software’s video recording, digital checklists, cloud data collection and project management features allow fire department personnel, inspectors and building managers to keep records of inspections for compliance and insurance requirements. During live remote inspections using CloudVisit, multiple participants connect with desktop or mobile devices and collaborate collecting inspection evidence with GPS-tracked images, video and audio recordings, screen captures and annotations, digital inspection checklists, file sharing, report generation, and other features.

Remote video inspection of fire protection and life safety systems

Just like an in-person inspection, remote fire inspections cover detailed review of critical assets and testing processes of fire protection and life safety systems:

  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Egress systems
  • Smoke management
  • Fire pump performance and functional tests
  • Fire sprinkler systems (wet and dry standpipes, deluge, hose reels)
  • Clean agent suppression systems
  • Emergency and standby power supplies
  • Integrated cause-and-effect testing
  • Special hazards suppression systems
  • Antifreeze systems
  • Backflow devices
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Exterior and stationery fire hydrants
  • Portable fire extinguishers (including hands-on training)
  • Valve testing

CloudVisit keeps complete cloud-stored records of each fire inspection project that are accessible at any time, providing instant insight on installation progress, safety, and acceptance. Additionally, having recorded videos of inspection allows for enhanced safeguarding of property from unauthorized person access, preventing vandalism, and providing safe and clear access for emergency responders in case of emergency.

Regularly scheduled remote fire inspections using CloudVisit software allows to ensure that fire and life protection systems remain operational at all times, regardless of building occupancy status.

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