With the ever-growing demand of energy, the inspection and maintenance of critical assets has become more intricate. CloudVisit Remote Inspection software enables quicker quality and safety inspections.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection software for energy infrastructure provides a simple solution in response to rigorous industry regulations, complex training, and the scarcity of experts. Our remote inspection software is scalable and secure, and maximizes quality control. CloudVisit’s software is used for wind turbine inspection, solar panel inspection, nuclear decommissioning, water turbine inspection, hydrogen fuel cell inspection, and natural gas inspection.

Now industry experts can remotely inspect critical assets from their office, effectively cutting travel time and costs while increasing safety and critical asset uptime.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection software supports multiple industries including solar power, wind power, nuclear power, natural gas, hydrogen and fuel cells, and water.

We’re with you to make nuclear inspections safe; we’re with you to keep wind turbines efficient; we’re with you to quickly repair gas lines. We’re everywhere you need us to be.

Solar panel maintenance software

Solar Power Software: Remote Inspections for Photovoltaic Energy and Concentrated Solar Power

Wind turbine maintenance software

Wind Turbine Inspections: MRO Software Solution for Onshore and Offshore wind farms

hybrid wind and solar farm on a bright sunny day

Hybrid Energy Operations: CloudVisit’s Software can be used for hybrid energy systems inspection and data collection

Water turbines inspection software

Water Turbine Inspection: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and inspection software for Water Turbines

Nuclear decommissioning - inspection software

Nuclear Decommissioning: MRO Software for Critical Nuclear Assets

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - CloudVisit MRO software

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Remote Inspection Software for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Natural gas inspection software

Natural Gas Inspection: Inspection Software to Maximize Quality Control of Critical Natural Gas Assets

Check out some perks of CloudVisit Remote Inspection Software

Multi-Purpose Checklist

Multi-Purpose Checklist

Ensure quality control of energy inspection by including links to photos, timestamp recordings, and work item status. Verify completion of project and validate energy inspection.

Annotated Screen Capture

Annotated Screen Capture

Capture frames of an active or played back session and crop; draw; write over; or use arrows, then save in the Cloud and share with your team.

Efficiency & Cost Benefits

Efficiency & Cost Benefits

Save thousands on travel costs and never keep on site workers waiting. CloudVisit Energy ensures experts are available at anytime, anywhere.

Screen Recording and Playback

Screen Recording and Playback

Share screens during scheduled or impromptu meetings, record sessions, and play back recordings to validate wind turbine inspections, solar panel inspections, and more.

Paperless Energy Maintenance

Paperless Energy Maintenance

Archive energy maintenance records in the Cloud, available anytime. Maintain evidence of quality inspection remotely using signatures, recordings, and images.


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