Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - CloudVisit MRO software

CloudVisit Remote Inspection is an innovative software solution for hydrogen & fuel cells inspections. CloudVisit’s solution supports any maintenance or repair necessary within the industry, including stationary fuel cells. Our remote inspection software increases the number of accepted inspections of hydrogen and fuel cells, while maximizing quality and reducing costs.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection software allows industry experts to approve maintenance and repairs without ever leaving their office. Additionally, field technicians will never wait for assistance, and travel time for the industry experts will be drastically reduced, increasing service and customer satisfaction. Our inspection software includes checklists, as well as video and picture exchange, guaranteeing the successful deployment of the equipment or station.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection and Energy Software includes features such as screen captures, and enables reports that are used to show proof of quality, and processes completed successfully.

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