Formulate the return on your investment

Companies that integrated CloudVisit remote inspection platform have seen 33% decreases in defects and 67% reductions in returned site visits and a whopping 90% reduction in audit defects per site. Will your company see the same benefits? Calculate the return on your investment using the formula below.



Per maintenance session:

Labor saved by expert not having to travel to site

Average hours * loaded expert labor rate

Reduced travel by expert not having to travel to site

Average mileage * cost per mile

Quality audit savings based on fewer issues being flagged

% improvement * rework cost of poor quality

Document cycle time reduction

Days of improvement * 20% loaded admin labor rate

Reduced remobilizations to fix problems

% reduction * cost of remobilization

Overall cycle time reduction

(Previous – current cycle time) * 10% loaded admin labor rate

Per week per deployment expert:

Improved efficiency

(# projects per week after / # projects per week before) * (loaded expert labor rate * average work week)