CloudVisit Telepsychiatry

CloudVisit Psychiatry - telemedicine softwareWhat is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry, a rapidly expanding branch of telemedicine, directly connects mental health professionals and patients through online video sessions. Face-to-face video chat is the perfect forum for patient care, but not all telepsychiatry solutions are created equal. CloudVisit is the only private practice telepsychiatry provider that’s both affordable and HIPAA compliant.

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Whether your patients are in need of intensive counseling, behavioral therapy, or stress management and life coaching, CloudVisit gives you a safe, convenient, and professional way to deliver the full range of mental health support.

Mental health experts such as psychiatrist, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, social workers, counselors, and therapists are seeing their patients in a whole new, yet entirely familiar, way with CloudVisit online consultations.

What patients are saying about telepsychiatry appointments


are comfortable seeing their psychiatrist through online video sessions


of patients receiving intervention telepsychiatry were very or somewhat satisfied with their care


think telepsychiatry is a good way to receive psychiatric care

At 6 months and 12 months, telepsychiatry patients were more satisfied than those receiving traditional, in-person therapy


enjoyed their video consult

Overall, telepsychiatry patients experienced more significant improvements in mental health status, health-related quality of life, and satisfaction


feel video consultations allow them to better communicate feelings and allow their provider to better address their needs

Source: Michigan State University/Lifeways Telepsychiatry Project

Telepsychiatry Applications

Routine Counseling

Whether for traditional counseling sessions or medication management check-ins, telepsychiatry is the perfect, travel-free way for patients to see you. Convenient, at-home appointments reduce cancellations and help maintain a progressive treatment schedule.

Pediatric & Adolescent Care

Online therapy for children and adolescents is quickly becoming the treatment method of choice for busy families. Many behavior, mood, attention, and learning disorders in children are effectively be addressed via telepsychiatry. Teens, in particular, are highly receptive to online care for issues including eating disorders, depression, and social concerns.

Geriatrics, Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Telepsychiatry consultations in nursing homes and assisted living facilities can help improve quality of life for seniors. Beyond dementia and progressive mental health conditions, aging adults face challenges with depression, loss of loved ones, and other end of life concerns that are eased through travel-free, online sessions.

Limited Mobility Patient Care

For many patients, travel-free mental health support is about much more than convenience. Homebound patients, and those for whom travel is physically difficult, benefit tremendously from the ease of telepsychiatry appointments. Feelings of isolation and depression, along with condition-specific care, are effectively delivered through online medical consultations.

Community Service Boards

Facing ever-shrinking budgets, community services boards across the country are turning to telepsychiatry as a reliable and affordable way of delivering mental health support to patients in diverse locations. With online video therapy, boards can streamline care and more efficiently allocate participating providers’ time and expertise.

Military & Veteran Care

For many years, veterans, active duty military, and their families have received critical mental health support via widespread telepsychiatryprograms. With great success, online video consults help troops maintain wellness and quality of life during deployment, leave, and beyond.

Behavioral Therapy - Anxiety & Mood Disorders

Research shows that patients are most receptive to care when they feel safe and comfortable. Online behavioral therapy from the privacy of home helps patients receive and participate in treatment in the most constructive ways possible, without sacrificing the provider-patient connection.

Corrections, Prisons, Jails

Online therapy for inmates eases county, state, and federal budgets by eliminating costly travel for mental health professionals. Psychiatrists easily provide therapeutic support and counseling to correctional facilities and prison systems when travel and safety concerns are eliminated.

Schools & Higher Education

Through the ease of telepsychiatry, students of all ages participate in online psychiatric consultations and ongoing counseling. In secondary schools, students are treated for depression, eating disorders, and other anxiety and emotional issues with telepsychiatry appointments. Colleges and universities across the country help students manage challenges with online therapy.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Consistency and confidentiality are of utmost importance to those recovering from substance abuse and drug and alcohol dependency. Telepsychiatry helps patients stay dedicated to the support they need, particularly as they transition from inpatient care or balance outpatient care with daily challenges at home.

Forensic Services

Online forensic interviews allow prosecutors, plaintiffs, and defense counsels across the country to connect with forensic psychologists and psychiatrists. Access to forensic expertise and ongoing case consultation during child custody disputes, criminal trials, and during sentencing is readily available with telepsychiatry.