Telemedicine Medical Licensing

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During the rollout of your telemedicine / telepsychiatry practice, it is important to explore medical license laws and requirements as they pertain to your state and to communicating with patients outside of your state. To ensure success, we recommend the following “get-started” steps:

Your time is valuable

Start your telemedicine / telepsychiatry practice in your current state of licensure. This will help you improve patient retention and attract new patients without the need for additional licensing. You’ll establish comfort with this new treatment forum and perfect your online practice.

Business planning

Your business plan is an important part of your practice’s future. Create a telemedicine / telepsychiatry expansion plan to evaluate which states offer the most promising opportunities for new patients, targeted by your expertise.

Multi-State licensure

When you are ready to treat telemedicine / telepsychiatry patients across state lines, an experienced medical license consultant is the most efficient way to pursue out-of-state licensing and learn more about each state’s requirements.

Medical License Direct

Online consultations not only provide positive results, they improve access to care for patients who have a difficult time visiting your office, or those who need frequent visitation or check-ups.

Medical License Direct has established relationships with all state medical licensing boards. They are well-versed in the nuances of each state’s requirements and application processes and will gladly provide a free consultation that may include:

  • Understanding individual state requirements as they pertain to telemedicine practices, full unrestricted medical licenses, and online prescribing of medication
  • Completing board applications and requesting verifications
  • Navigating background checks and international credentials
  • Monitoring progress and managing all follow-up steps


They offer reasonable rates by state, as well as bundle discounts for multi-state licensing. Rates begin at $525 per state (exclusive of board fees and verification fees) and are reduced to $425 per state when managed in bundles of ten states.

The most popular states of licensure for telemedicine are: HI, VA, TX, NY, IL, CA, AZ, PA, FL and NJ. Licensing can typically be accomplished in one to four months, depending on the state.

The content on this page is for informational purposes only. CloudVisit cannot guarantee outcomes from the services provided by Medical License Direct. This resource is provided solely for your information and convenience. It is not intended as legal advice and does not constitute an endorsement or association between CloudVisit and Medical License Direct.