Hybrid Energy Software

hybrid wind and solar farm on a bright sunny day

The hybrid power market is expected to exceed $60 billion by 2024, according to a study by Global Market Insights, Inc., a market research and consulting firm. CloudVisit Remote Inspection and Maintenance, Repair, and Operations software, or MRO software, enables experts to provide remote inspections of hybrid energy system installation and MRO processes. CloudVisit’s industry-specific remote inspection software decreases the costs and travel necessitated by on site inspections, and maintains a record of safety and quality control. Remote inspections of renewable energy assets can enable the renewable energy industry to expand quicker.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection and MRO software allows inspectors to approve hybrid system inspections from their office. On site technicians do not have to wait for inspectors to be physically present, and can easily request a videoconference. Since inspectors do not have to travel, their availability increases. Remote inspections cut costs paid to site technicians waiting for inspectors to arrive, and facilitate faster installation and MRO processes. Use MRO software for remote inspection of wind turbines, remote inspection of solar panels or photovoltaic assets, and other hybrid energy systems.

CloudVisit remote Inspection software combines multiple-party video conferencing with industry-specific functionality. Our multi-purpose checklist serves as a punch-list so that no step is overlooked, and works to help you ensure safety and project completion. Video and audio recordings, as well as chats and images, are all stored in the cloud and can be quickly accessed. MRO software also provides other functionalities such as screen capture, image annotation, and more.

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