Changing Business Processes with CloudVisit Remote Virtual Inspection (RVI)

Few people within companies look forward to changing their work processes. Whether the process involves new activities or the use of new software, the idea of introducing any change or new procedures may seem daunting or at the very least, disruptive to the workflow. Products like CloudVisit’s Remote Virtual Inspection (RVI) software have allowed a transformation to occur within the field of project inspection. The videoconferencing features, along with its advanced checklist and report capabilities reduced the needs for excessive visits to work sites.

Even in a large firm that makes the same product or performs the same type of services, there will always have to be some changes that occur periodically to maximize profitability, safety and efficiency. The move to remote inspections for instance introduced cost savings to companies long before the Covid-19 pandemic realized the safety benefits that would also result. These changes do not always come easy to the general staff. Most often, changes to work processes result in some job roles being transitioned or eliminated. It is likely that moving over to new software like CloudVisit’s RVI will involve management getting work crews to adjust being involved with the inspector by use of a camera rather than direct contact. Therefore it is important to let employees feel that they are part of the solution, so that they will be more likely to buy into the positive outcomes that will result. It will make them more likely to take an active role in the changes.


CloudVisit’s RVI is Easy to Learn

Facilitating the transition to CloudVisit’s software is not difficult for most companies because the features that are found in CloudVisit’s Remote Virtual Inspection software are intuitive and easy to follow. One of the prime reasons behind a workforce resisting change to a different software platform is the difficulties created due to the learning curve encountered in its initial use. Thus, it will be key in getting wide adoption of the product to let workers realize the ease of completing projects with CloudVisit’s RVI.


Benefits to the Work Process with Virtual Remote Inspection

CloudVisit’s RVI software allows an inspector to outline a work project from the beginning. Rather than the inspection being a final separate task in relation to the whole project, it becomes the lens through, which all aspects of the job can be performed. The issues that arise can be dealt with and logged properly as they come about resulting in a large cost savings over the duration of the job assignment. CloudVisit’s extensive checklist features has industry-leading functionality to organize company work schedules for multiple work projects.

When creating reports in CloudVisit’s inline capture sessions, data can be selectively used or omitted depending on what information needs to be shown. It can then be compiled for a custom video report based on the recipient. Photo reports can also be customized for individual clients.

Integration of CloudVisit’s RVI allows the same work plan to be used by suppliers and customers depending on the requirements. Individual security levels can be applied to different persons ensuring a single platform will suffice in allowing the right access for the entire staff. The integration does not only apply to the general platform. CloudVisit’s software allows the various pictures, videos, charts, and documents of a project to be held in one central location. Even in this, security can be restricted from suppliers and customers who may not have rights to the documents and files within the work project.


The Switch to Remote Virtual Inspections Is Worth It

Working with new software like CloudVisit’s Remote Virtual Inspection and convincing employees to change isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. The cost savings realized in time saved from having the inspection completed at the same time that the work project is being performed is too tremendous to ignore. Continually improving a company’s operations and business processes is paramount to maintaining industry competitiveness. CloudVisit’s RVI software can positively impact business safety, profitability, and efficiency.

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