CloudVisit Telemedicine Enterprise

This full-featured telemedicine subscription includes everything you need to manage a successful online practice. Unlimited online sessions and a custom-branded portal make this the perfect telemedicine solution for any size practice.

CloudVisit inspection software - Premium

CloudVisit Telemedicine Enterprise includes:

  • 1-year contract
  • Patient billing
  • Notes and document sharing
  • Free administrator account
  • 1 hour of online training
  • Multi-provider capability
  • High-definition video
  • Full-screen video
  • Online appointment calendar
  • Email appointment confirmations
  • Provider-controlled session fees
  • CCR Data export
  • Practice management dashboard
  • Patient on-boarding
  • Quick patient input
  • Receipt generation tool

$75 per month

for the first 6 months upfront

Multi-provider capability

CloudVisit lets you purchase as many user licenses as you need. Each doctor receives their own dashboard for managing session availability, pricing, and patient records. User licenses may be added at any time.

Custom-branded practice portal

Custom branded to your practice, your portal gives patients and providers secure access to your telemedicine platform and online sessions.

Online appointment calendar

Patient-driven scheduling means no extra calls to your office. Patients simply view your available appointments and submit their request for your approval.

Online video sessions

CloudVisit puts you face-to-face with patients for online video chat. We never limit appointments or minutes, so you can conduct secure sessions with patients as often as you like.

Practice management dashboard

Every feature of CloudVisit is easily managed on your private dashboard. Access all appointments, your calendar, session pricing, profile, and treatment notes.

HIPAA-compliant telemedicine

All information shared and stored in CloudVisit is fully encrypted per HIPAA requirements. Business Associate Agreements are standard practice at CloudVisit.

Easy tech support

You and your patients can count on our support and diagnostic tools to help with technical questions.

Quick-start training

We include a quick-start training session to walk you through the basics of your online practice, appointment scheduling, treatment notes, and more.

Administrative access

Access to your online calendar and appointment confirmations helps your healthcare administrators improve information sharing, workflow, and productivity.

CCR data export

Session encounter data and secure treatment notes are easily exported from CloudVisit via Continuity of Care Records (CCR) for integration with all EMR and EHR systems.

Document sharing

Providers and patients can easily share documents with one another before, during, and after the video session. All documents are securely stored in CloudVisit for future reference.

High definition video quality

Remote HD video at 720p enriches the image clarity for enhanced life-like interaction.

Mass Patient Onboarding

Using a CSV file, providers can import all existing patients into CloudVisit simultaneously. An account is created for each patient, and the patient will receive an email prompting registration completion.

Multi-user chat

Add a third or fourth person to the video session by sending an electronic invite. Perfect for remote family care when individuals are in multiple locations.

Receipt generation tool

CloudVisit gives you the option to create a receipt for each patient session, complete with relevant ICD-9 and DSM-IV codes.

You and your patients will love the convenience of telemedicine sessions. Manage appointments and session fees through your private dashboard, while patients visit your telemedicine website to request appointments and meet with you face-to-face.