Software Support & User Training

User training

A symphony is only as good as its conductor. The same logic holds true for CloudVisit’s user base. Audits are directed by the Audit level user in most cases, so the Auditor needs to be able to manipulate the software with ease. CloudVisit has advanced functionality that is not common to other video conference applications. Host users need to have a detailed understanding of the software’s added capabilities so that they can use it most efficiently. For this reason, CloudVisit includes four (4) hours of remote user training free of charge when a company begins onboarding users. If a company’s system training needs are ongoing CloudVisit can schedule more training sessions.

Software support services

CloudVisit Enterprise customers can take advantage of our support bridge. Different options are available based on how many hours of support and the availability of support you need. CloudVisit is a fully tested software with a user base from major corporations across the globe. In most cases, if the software does not work as expected it is the result of a poor network connection or a lack of user training. However, CloudVisit offers level 2 and level 3 support packages for troubleshooting as well as system and document recovery.

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Want to get started streamlining your site inspection process? Then the place to start is here. Schedule a demo with one of the CloudVisit’s representatives today. We will walk you through the features of the software in real time today, so that you can start cutting your inspection costs and improve your quality control tomorrow.