How CloudVisit remote collaboration works

CloudVisit software works with all major operating systems, browsers and mobile devices.

During a live remote video inspection the host uses a computer with internet access and the participant uses a CloudVisit mobile app with a broadband or WiFi connection.

The inspection software created by CloudVisit enhances the process of several types of
commercial or consumer inspections with paperless digital checklists, cloud-based visual
data collection, inspection report generation, and robust appointment creation features.

Connect remote experts with onsite technicians

Connect remote experts with onsite technicians

CloudVisit remote inspection software allows onsite technicians to connect with remote experts through a real-time peer-to-peer video collaboration experience. During a live remote video session an inspector or expert uses a computer with internet access and the technician uses a CloudVisit mobile app with a broadband or WiFi connection.

Review and verify completed remote inspection evidence

Review and verify completed work

High-demand experts and engineers review a shared live video feed and capture every detail of the project rendered by technicians with GPS-tracked images, uploaded files and photos, screen captures and annotations, as well as audio and video recordings with timecodes.

Sharing remote inspection results with customers and technicians

Inspect, capture and share inspection data

Visual collaboration tools allow inspectors and managers to assign and notify responsible users for the most efficient real-time data collection, project management, completion and acceptance. Checklist reports and audit photo reports provide complete and accurate records of inspection.

What are your company’s profitability, efficiency and client satisfaction goals?

CloudVisit provides video communication, collaboration, virtual inspection and maintenance software solutions for multiple industries, which provide cost savings, time savings, as well as improve health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Improve customer satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by solving problems quickly, completing projects faster, and reducing service costs with the help of a remote expert using CloudVisit remote video inspection software.

Increase accuracy and quality control

Real-time visual collaboration enables highly accurate remote diagnostics and expert instructions from inspectors to onsite technicians, increasing first-time-fix rates with quality control visual inspections.

Reduce operational costs

Remote video collaboration allows experts and inspection engineers to guide onsite technicians through problem resolution without expensive field visits, reducing travel time and operational costs.

Enhance safety

CloudVisit's video conferencing and virtual collaboration platform improves safety by promoting social distancing, and helps sustain healthy and safe environments for clients and all involved personnel.

Improved operational efficiencies from using CloudVisit


Decrease in the number of defects found


Improvement in cycle time


More audits pass


Reduction in audit defects per site


Reduction in return visits

Results may vary. The above results were achieved by CloudVisit’s customer working within the telecom industry.

Rapid, 100% return on investment from efficiency improvements

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    Reducing cost per maintenance event by optimizing the efficiency and availability of project inspectors and subject matter experts
  • null
    Reduce number of return visits by catching errors that might have been overlooked
  • null
    Reduce time per maintenance event by improving overall efficiency with highly accurate remote diagnostics and guidance from experts to technicians
  • null
    Improve quality through instant feedback and competency development

Benefits for employees, customers, and the environment

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    Enabling COVID-19 social distancing requirements through video conferencing and virtual collaboration
  • null
    Providing real-time updates of project statuses and file sharing
  • null
    Improving safety with faster and more reliable repairs
  • null
    Optimizing workforce efficiencies with automation by capturing data continuously or within checklist, exporting, and sharing the knowledge
  • null
    Sustaining healthy and safe environments for clients and all involved personnel
  • null
    Reducing the number of emergencies associated with new installations because the work is completed correctly the first time
  • null
    Helping companies reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact essential to global sustainability

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