CloudVisit Software Solution:

CloudVisit’s remote inspection software is scalable and secure with more than 15 years of experience in software development, telecommunication, and video conferencing. The company's software solution can be applied to a number of industries to ensure safety and quality control.
How it Works

Software Solutions for Inspections; Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Across Multiple Industries:

CloudVisit’s software provides remote inspections and MRO for industries such as aviation, energy, transportation, construction to name just a few. The solution is dynamic and flexible, allowing administrative users to define templates that are fully applicable to their specific use case or industry.

CloudVisit Aviation software


Use CloudVisit's MRO Software to conduct aircraft safety inspections, as well as aircraft maintenance and repair. Aircraft inspectors can approve remote inspections by virtually communicating and collaborating with on site maintenance teams at distant locations. CloudVisit's MRO Software maximizes safety, efficiency, accuracy, and accountability.

Wind Turbine inspection and maintenance software


CloudVisit's Software empowers inspectors to monitor quality control in the installation, maintenance, repair, and decommissioning processes for many types of energy generation including renewable energy. Remote inspection can be used in multiple energy industries including wind, nuclear, solar, hydrogen fuel cells, water, and natural gas.

CloudVisit Telecom - innovative remote inspection technology


CloudVisit’s MRO Software is scalable and secure. Inspectors can approve inspections remotely without traveling to distant work sites. CloudVisit's telecommunication-specific functionality empower inspectors to record video and audio, analyze data, and to the cloud.

CloudVisit Telemedicine software


CloudVisit’s platform allows healthcare providers to use secure, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software to communicate with patients remotely. Patients do not have to travel to the doctor’s office as diagnosis and examinations can be completed remotely.

How To Use CloudVisit's Remote Inspection Software to Perform Inspection, Assistance, Maintenance, or Repairs:

CloudVisit remote inspection - files

On site technicians can use the platform’s built in scheduling functionality to establish appointments with remote experts via a video conference session. The various session members can capture or upload
documented evidence demonstrating the project’s completion. The applicable completion evidence includes photographs, annotated images, and even audio/video recordings that are captured before during or after the scheduled session. All evidence can be stamped with geolocation as well as date and time to ensure authenticity.

CloudVisit remote inspection - video

The remote expert can even record a live video session with an onsite technician. During the recording the expert can create hyperlinked timestamps to deliverable items within a built in checklist. During recording playback, you can then click on the hyperlinks and automatically pinpoint exact moments in the recording to identify items that need attention.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection - video playback

All of the collected documentation is stored in the cloud so that stakeholders have instantaneous access to it. The best part is that experts do not have to visit the jobsite in person. This cuts down on travel costs and time and increases experts availability safety and quality control.


“CloudVisit is much more than a video conference platform. It is the best platform for being able to see what is being done on a site without having to be physically at the site.”

Remote Inspection Software Testimonials
Deployment Supervisor

“Our customers require we show them proof of the work we’ve completed for them. It would take us an average of eight hours to put this together before we started using CloudVisit. After implementing CloudVisit, the handoff package preparation averages two hours.”

Inspection Software Testimonials
Services Resource Manager

“CloudVisit allows us to cover more sites with fewer resources. Before, a deployment supervisor might have been able to get to 3 to 5 sites per week. Now they can review work at 2 to 3 sites per day.”

CloudVisit Software Testimonials
Advanced Services Engineer

“CloudVisit is an integral part of the services we deliver to our customers.”

CloudVisit Software Technology - Testimonials
Network Rollout Manager

“We use the CloudVisit solution for all of our customers and for all of our remote site activities.  This application has significantly increased quality, decreased site revisits, and improved customer satisfaction.”

CloudVisit Remote Inspection Software Reviews
Director of Project Operations

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