Custom Video Conferencing: CloudVisit Can Build It

In recent months there has been a seismic shift in the way that companies conduct business. More and more office workers are now working remotely. Conveniently, cloud computing has allowed for a new wave of collaborative software. However, every business model necessitates specific functionalities that are often unavailable in out of the box software solutions. This is where CloudVisit excels.

You can build a custom video communications platform on CloudVisit’s expertise. CloudVisit’s core functionality can be used as a base for both your customers and your internal communications. For example, you could build a custom group helpdesk that fully integrates with your company’s existing technology. CloudVisit has built numerous successful custom video conferencing projects. One instance is a Remote Inspection technology that has been field-tested by a major multinational telecom company. The proprietary software allows not only direct communication between team members, but also for the recording and storage of media within a cloud environment to document the inspection process.

CloudVisit’s success with Remote Video Inspection software is one of the many ways that customizable video-conferencing services are changing not only the telecom industry, but the way people around the world conduct business in general. This has only been exacerbated by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The following is a quote from the eztalks website on trends shaping the future of video-conferencing, “Managing audio and video recordings, file sharing and the collaborative work space is the next big step that conferencing services have to take in order to further mature their products. This will be made easier with the parallel a similarly accelerated growth of cloud computing. Conferencing services should be able to make information searchable, digestible and readily available.”

CloudVisit is already there and can bring a collaborative software solution to you.

A Prime Example

CloudVisit transitioned its expertise from working within the telemedicine industry to supporting a global provider of electronic services. This was done by providing the Remote Video Inspection software that allowed the company’s crews to have their work monitored. Users could record live video directly into a checklist row. The new Virtual Inspection Software not only met the diverse needs for this industry vertical, but was customizable enough to respond to the needs of their customers in other markets. As their requirements have changed, CloudVisit has continuously developed new innovative functionality to match its new requirements.

Moving Forward

CloudVisit continues to see growth in the remote inspection industry, however, the software is versatile enough to be used for a variety of conferencing duties, such as Remote Visual Assistance. CloudVisit continuously monitors trends within the marketplace and reorients its focus to respond to the needs of clients. One key is the adoption of new technology. CloudVisit originally built its software using Adobe’s proprietary Flash and Air services. However, this technology has become deprecated as the software industry has moved towards open-source code. The video conferencing world has since moved onto the use of open standards such as WebRTC. The ability to be nimble and shift is one of the keys to CloudVisit’s success. Following industry best practices in software development allows CloudVisit to ensure its clients that as the technology grows, the software can grow with them.


Retiring the Old Perspective

There was a time when the relationship between a business and its clients was sealed with person-to-person contact. This was reflected in how business was conducted. We all had numerous phone calls, executives logged thousands of frequent flyer miles and business meetings both inter-office and with prospective clients were conducted in person. That has changed; technology had arrived long before the COVID epidemic making it feasible to work remotely. Culture itself will cause the evolvement of video conferencing in manifold ways. CloudVisit will continue to be at the forefront of this new way of communicating. As corporate culture continues to evolve, the basic tools that are used regularly need to progress with it. Remote collaboration is now clearly the wave of the future. However, the available technology is only beginning to keep pace with this new sea change. CloudVisit will continue to push innovative video conference software functionality forward. What new functionality could your industry use in this new remote collaborative environment we reside in?

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