Aircraft maintenance inspection process: Aircraft maintenance recordings

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Screen Recording and Playback

  • CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software allows maintenance team to document every step of aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO).
  • Using this MRO software, low bandwidth is never an issue. On site technicians can capture quality images of aircraft maintenance and repair, and send these images to aircraft inspectors located off site. Technicians and inspectors can store images in the cloud at any time.
  • If an off site aircraft inspector and an on site technician are in a meeting that must be paused or stopped, use they can use CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software to stop the recording and continue it at a later time. When your maintenance team continues the meeting there is no confusion over multiple recordings, as all subsequent recordings are concatenated to the original master recording.
  • CloudVisit’s Aviation Maintenance software saves save aircraft inspectors and technicians precious minutes searching though video recordings after a video conferencing session. After recording aircraft maintenance, link a time stamp of a specific segment of the recording to the aviation maintenance checklist so that you do not have to search the entire video for important information. Save time and use the link to jump to a specific instant, and play back only that segment. CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software increase turnaround for inspections of drones, jets, helicopters, and airliners to minimize the time an aircraft is spent on the ground.
  • Use playback mode to play, pause, scrub, capture, exit and add a bookmark. This allows you to edit any recording and maximize efficiency in workflow and aviation project management.

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