Streamline Quality Assurance Process with Image Recognition Software

In December of 2017 Facebook introduced a new setting for subscribers called Face Recognition. This allowed users to identify friends that were posted in photos. While that was a nice trick for users, the technology to create it had many other applicable uses. Facebook has for marketing purposes leveraged face recognition technology to continuously improve its algorithms used in targeted markets. Besides marketing, teaching computers to “think” also has significant potential for businesses in relation to quality and assurance. CloudVisit, a leader in Remote Inspection software, can help companies leverage image recognition technology by using custom applications that streamline the assurance process, and ultimately ensure delivery of a quality product.

Image Recognition has been used by manufacturing to ensure high standards and supplement other forms of quality control for over twenty years. Machine accuracy has overcome the main weaknesses in human inspection; that of error caused by fatigue or distraction. Through machine learning, this advantage will only grow stronger with time. Image recognition when combined with advanced robotics can dramatically reduce costs in the manufacturing area. This will continue to increase a company’s profit as the technology matures. The human’s ability to adapt to changing patterns is now matched and improved upon by the machine that can now be taught when conditions are warranted. Routine jobs that were prone to error are now optimized and improved by using image recognition software.


Image Recognition is already in widespread use

Companies that buy and resell stock photographs for commercial use now rely upon image recognition technology. This eliminates the need for the manual processing of photos.

SmartHash for example, uses image recognition as a tool to create hashtags for photos. People can then share their images without the need to research hashtags to go along with them. These become practical tools that help marketing campaigns increase their sales since the tedious job of creating categories for searches is also automated. Companies that leverage Image Recognition technology are the driving force for the future of the advertising industry.

Safety Compliance applications are another area where image recognition software is also being applied to optimize commercial processes. Large global companies use this technology to help ensure that work crews are equipped with necessary safety gear including goggles, work boots, etc.  In this practical business case, the company mitigates potential liabilities by certifying that all crews have followed basic safety precautions prior to commencement of a project.

The automotive industry uses pattern recognition in the manufacturing of automobiles as a way of identifying and reducing defects. This technology is also key with regard to the development of autonomous cars, where automobiles will have to identify road signs, pedestrians and other variables during a driving experience. Tesla, Google and other leading US companies are rapidly developing and testing this technology to create Level 4 vehicles, which are fully autonomous.


Remote Visual Inspection Applications

CloudVisit’s Remote Inspection Software allows quality managers, who are the experts in their field, to automate the inspections process through an intuitive interface. Image Recognition intelligence allows the software to continuously “learn” while inspections are being conducted.

With each year passing, Image Recognition technology will have an increasing and positive impact on a majority of products used in everyday life. CloudVisit is at the forefront of this technology by providing turnkey and custom solutions to companies worldwide.

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