Virtual Inspection Software as a Service

The high costs of record keeping, maintenance of servers, databases and the people to manage them have made many companies see the benefit of Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS is most often a subscription-based service that is delivered from a cloud-based system. Single users or groups of users can subscribe to the Software Service and use the program simultaneously. The benefits are manifold; updates are performed automatically and are a part of the service. Workers are kept up to date with the latest package ensuring the best user experience.

CloudVisit’s software model is built on this same design. Its design helps allow the users (both the team leaders and those out in the field) to be able to concentrate on the task or project at hand and not on support calls to just maintain the software.


Advantages of CloudVisit

CloudVisit’s desktop software runs on modern web browsers. The software’s remote tools were developed to run on Android and iPhones without the need for any specialized hardware. There is a standard interface that is intuitive to the crew members in the field. Therefore, new users are up and running on their mobile devices in a matter of minutes. CloudVisit’s software backs up your data and automatically is configured to have multiple levels of redundancy. CloudVisit’s clients inspect job sites around the world, so the compatibility has already been field tested on a worldwide scale.


CloudVisit’s History

CloudVisit has been in the Video Conferencing field for years. The company’s focus has transitioned from telemedicine, and all of the information gathering associated with it, to the more general field of Remote Inspection software. It was a natural transition to go into this area and CloudVisit has excelled in providing competitive tools to help businesses finish their projects on time and within the ever-tightening budget constraints prevalent in the modern world.


Using Virtual Inspection as a Service

The SaaS software model is fast becoming the modus operandi for companies of all sizes as being the most efficient means of delivering service without bloating a user’s computer with unnecessary software. CloudVisit’s team can customize the software to integrate well with other enterprise solutions. All this is done without the extensive R&D outlays that can make switching platforms cost prohibitive. Using it requires only what is already most commonly available:

  • A smartphone with a camera/recorder for the person who is on-site; and
  • A computer for the remote supervisor (and that person can be anywhere there is a computer and a decent internet connection.)

Everything else, is or can be generated in the cloud. CloudVisit’s software allows for note-taking, multiple file imports, and extensive video and photo archiving.


The Future is Here

Video conferencing represents the present and future of business interactivity. If you or your company has a need to record and validate work projects, and is looking for a solution to reduce costs; CloudVisit can bring you there. Please call us for a free consultation: 845-809-5770.

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