Conducting an ISO Internal Audit with CloudVisit’s Remote Inspection Software

An internal audit is an independent consulting activity used to help an organization improve operations by evaluating its processes with regard to business processes, risk management, and assessments of data. Companies often run internal audits that adhere to standards such as the ISO 9001 to ensure the public that their processes and practices adhere to levels accepted by a majority of countries worldwide. The ISO 9001 is the International Organization of Standards for a Quality Management System (QMS). A company that meets this standard complies with all policies, processes, and procedures as well as meeting customer and regulatory requirements. CloudVisit’s Remote Virtual Inspection Software can aid in this type of work. Its utility can extend beyond simple remote inspections and can become a useful tool in conducting this type of process.


Using Remote Inspection Software for Audit Planning

CloudVisit’s Inspection software can be used by both the auditors and those being audited. Within an annual cycle (or biennial, or another recurrent plan), this tool can be used to notify agents and persons of an upcoming inspection depending on the period. This will provide those who are receiving the schedule know when certain improvements must be met. It eliminates the fear of poor evaluations due to surprise inspections.


Using CloudVisit’s Software for Process Audits

CloudVisit’s Remote Virtual Inspection Software features extensive checklist functionality. It can divide projects into multiple sub-projects and can group items by category, assessment, and values. It can be used along with the software’s other features to store documents, videos, pictures, and other videos in the management of a project. To use this software in the process audit, the checklist can be separated into various categories with deadlines specified within the checklist. This can remind the inspector to email all persons necessary when a deadline is pending. A notification can be made automatically to all necessary persons that this is about to take place.

When the audit is actually conducted, records can be stored in the folder designated for the project and linked to within the checklist. Other activities, such as video that details remote processes can also be observed. This can be in addition to statements and pictures that list other aspects of the audit. A labeled detailed checklist in conjunction with the video and other items gathered during an audit shows that every process is kept up to the standards desired. When these procedures and items fall below that standard, it can serve as a record to show customers where improvement is necessary, along with guidelines toward reaching that level.


Storage of Project Records and Media with Virtual Inspection Software

Because CloudVisit’s software can store all information gathered for a project, including documents and video in the cloud; it becomes an outstanding tool for archiving this data. Reports can be made and stored within the software, listing the areas that need to be remedied. In addition, other areas within the organizations’ processes that need to be addressed can be captured here and made available depending on the access rights of qualified persons. Giving these tools to the process owner will let them know what areas they can feel justly proud about and what areas need to be worked upon. In this way, the company gets better value from the audit; allowing for enhancements in the process rather than simply a list of areas that are failing. The auditing features of the checklist and the ability for customers to agree and approve sections on the checklist allows for easily managed corrective actions. CloudVisit’s software allows the customer to have some say with the approval process in some session types and this can be a great motivator to make improvements prior to the next cycle.



Using CloudVisit’s Remote Virtual Inspection software can not only conduct audits but maintain them over multiple cycles. This can enable the organization being checked to get more value from the audit than a simple inspection might provide. Process improvement is a major part of an internal audit and one reason that a company might be motivated to maintain a good Quality Management System in place.


Try CloudVisit’s Remote Inspection software and see how it can improve the internal audit process for you and your clients.

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