CloudVisit Telemedicine: The Affordable Upgrade for Healthcare Institutions

Telemedicine is not a new concept. In a broad sense, doctors have treated patients remotely for more than half a century. Those “quick question” patient phone calls between appointments that amount to lengthy gratis consultations were the start of telemedicine. Just think how your practice finances might look if patients and insurance companies were accountable for those “appointments.”

Fast-forward a few decades when the internet introduced a new form of telemedicine: remote video consultations. Hospitals and large healthcare institutions were able to bring top medical specialists to the ERs of small towns nationwide, all through the power of video technology.

As a tech-emergent world we fell in love with the concept of telemedicine, but the expensive and monstrous equipment needed to accomplish video connectivity had limited application. Today, many healthcare institutions that were early adopters of telemedicine are strapped with legacy equipment that complicates a now simple form of patient care.

CloudVisit is today’s telemedicine.

Today’s telemedicine is vastly different from its equipment-laden, high-cost origins. CloudVisit is changing the way providers think about telemedicine by changing the way they practice it. CloudVisit Telemedicine is so unique that healthcare facilities can actually upgrade their telemedicine procedures by downgrading their technology expenses. All with the assurance of encrypted video chat telemedicine for HIPAA compliance.

CloudVisit Institution is designed to meet the needs of fast-moving inpatient and outpatient care facilities. Patients attend appointments just as they normally would, while your clinical staff puts them face-to-face with your providers, regardless of location. Your pre-scheduled or on-demand video chat sessions provide high-definition video connectivity, nearly replicating in-person appointments.

Everything, from scheduling to conducting sessions, is done using only the computers, laptops, webcams, and internet access you already have.

Upgrading to CloudVisit Institution is easy. For as little as $300/month, with no additional equipment investment, CloudVisit will work seamlessly with the computers or laptops and webcams that your facility and providers already own. Our skilled tech team will work closely with your IT department to ensure seamless transition to CloudVisit.

New to telemedicine? We’ll get you up and running in just a few weeks with all you need to schedule, conduct, and track on-site video appointments with patients.

Looking to add telemedicine or telepsychiatry to your private practice?

CloudVisit removes the financial barriers to remote patient care, regardless of the practice size.

Have a computer or laptop? Internet access? A webcam? Well, then you’ve got what you need to practice HIPAA-compliant telemedicine and telepsychiatry. Plans start as low as $50/month. Learn more about CloudVisit Telemedicine Premium and CloudVisit Telemedicine Enterprise.