Doctor Shortages Demand Affordable Innovation

Government is reforming, healthcare budgets are tightening, and fewer medical professionals are in training. As a result, existing providers and practices are challenged to treat more patients with fewer resources. Affordable innovation, once an oxymoron, will be the name of the game in 2014.

Doctor shortages and the notorious provider-patient gap must be filled with safe, cost-effective methods for delivering patient care. All eyes turn to technology, namely telemedicine and telepsychiatry.

Telemedicine lets doctors see patients face-to-face for a wide range of diagnostic, follow-up, and mental health video appointments. Within their licensed states, providers can use video technology to treat patients well beyond a normal driving radius. As such, patients gain access to specialist and expert medical care they might otherwise miss out on, with the bonus of doing so from the comfort of home or office.

In theory, telemedicine sounds like a dream come true as productivity, comfort, and convenience increase on both sides of the webcam. But in practice, providers must choose wisely. HIPAA will let nothing slide; providers need a telemedicine option with guaranteed security and affordability.

CloudVisit Telemedicine is changing everything.

CloudVisit Telemedicine is the first-of-its-kind telemedicine solution for HIPAA-compliant video connectivity at a price point that makes sense. Whether you’re a single provider or part of a large healthcare institution, you can quickly and affordably add remote patient care to your repertoire of patient services.

CloudVisit setup is quick and easy; security is guaranteed.

Online appointment scheduling, high-definition video quality, automatic patient billing, and more round out your complete online CloudVisit practice. We assure you that every bit of information shared and stored through CloudVisit is protected by HIPAA-compliant security measures.

CloudVisit security is backed by a HIPAA-required Business Associate Agreement.

Plans range from $175 to $300 per month. That’s it. But CloudVisit is not budget telemedicine. We’ve cut no corners. We simply designed a video chat platform that’s medically minded and takes advantage of technology already in the hands of nearly every provider and patient. The computer or laptop and webcam you already have. The internet access you already have. It all works with CloudVisit.

The patients you already have? You get to keep those, too, because CloudVisit is not a network of providers waiting to move in on your hard-earned patient base. But don’t be surprised if our amazing technology fills your schedule to the brim. Patients love modern and easy. Who doesn’t?

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