How can I annotate an image?

Use CloudVisit‘s Software screen capture function annotate an image of an aircraft or aircraft component, and maximize quality control. This feature empowers you to enhance project management by capturing an image from a live video at any moment. You can then make notes, circle key aspects of the image, and more. For example, to inspect inaccessible spaces such as an engine cylinder, you can easily take a picture using our software and a borescope. Then annotate the picture and make a note. Lastly, use the multi-purpose checklist function to update the status of repair.

Once the on site aviation technician has completed the necessary inspection steps, you can take another image so that the aviation expert will have verifiable proof of the completed safety inspection. The image is saved in the session files folder so other team members can view it at any time.

Request a demo so we can show you how all features of the screen annotation feature can be used to maximize quality control and safety in the aviation industry.