Why not use a video-conferencing platform such as Skype for Business™ or Facetime™?

CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software can be used for many types of maintenance including line or base maintenance, and can be used on drones, airliners, helicopters, jets and military aircrafts. Aviation Maintenance Software is different from Skype for Business. CloudVisit’s MRO software offers aviation-specific functionalities such as aircraft inspection checklists; hyperlinked time stamps to specific moments within aircraft maintenance recordings; uploaded images, video and audio recordings; and annotated images for aircraft inspections, and chats, among other important benefits. All aviation maintenance records are paperless and archived in cloud storage, and you can easily download them to your hard drive. These visual inspection materials provide a record of quality aircraft inspections, aviation safety, and aircraft airworthiness.

Additionally, if an on-site aviation technician needs assistance, inspectors are immediately notified through email and within the session log. Users can type comments about the session status and email them to all members.

Request a demo so we can show you how our leading aviation maintenance software can be used to maximize quality control and safety in aircraft maintenance and repair.

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