The Telemedicine Trifecta: 2014 and Beyond

Telemedicine Will Be a Major Player in Affordable Healthcare, High Quality Treatment, and a Greener America, Predicts CloudVisit Telemedicine

COLD SPRING, NY–(Marketwired – Mar 10, 2014) – Throughout the world, telemedicine means different things to different people. To hospitals and global institutions it unites physician expertise for better patient care. To private practices it’s a more convenient and efficient way to conduct check-ups with patients. And to remote regions, telemedicine brings lifesaving opportunities and routine care that is otherwise absent. Through contributions big and small, the future of telemedicine is bright. What role will it play in the future of U.S. healthcare?
CloudVisit Telemedicine, innovator in high-quality, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine and telepsychiatry platforms, believes that the “Telemedicine Trifecta” will transform how Americans see and implement online healthcare. “As a nation, we’ve only scratched the surface of telemedicine,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit. “With more widespread use, telemedicine has the power to improve patient care, while reducing spending and our impact on the environment.”

Telemedicine is high-quality healthcare

Research continues to demonstrate the efficacy of telemedicine, whether doctor and patient are 25 or 2,500 miles apart. Face-to-face sessions through high-definition telemedicine platforms like CloudVisit replicate in-person exchanges, allowing providers to assess patient demeanor and physical status just as they would onsite. In an inpatient environment, onsite clinical staffs allow physicians to remotely direct hands-on patient evaluation and care. With telepsychiatry, mental health assessments and therapy are provided to patients at home, in ERs, and at treatment facilities through private, HIPAA-compliant sessions.

Telemedicine reduces carbon emissions

Simply put, telemedicine eliminates the need for travel and, in doing so, reduces our carbon footprint. In a study of 840 telemedicine consultations over a 6-month period, travel-free healthcare reduced carbon emissions by 185 metric tons.
“The environmental benefit of telemedicine is close to my heart,” says Gilbert. “As implementation expands, the impact of travel-free healthcare will measurably improve our environment. It’s good for patients and the earth.”

Telemedicine saves money

Patients and providers both benefit financially from telemedicine. Individuals save on the travel expenses, childcare, and time away from work that accompany routine trips to the doctor. Even big-budget healthcare like trips to the ER and long-term hospital stays can be reduced through more consistent, accessible medical counsel. Hospitals and institutions such as nursing homes and correctional facilities cut costs with fewer round-the-clock, onsite specialists.

Take part in the Telemedicine Trifecta

The practice of telemedicine is gaining popularity, but providers must choose their partners wisely. HIPAA-compliance, ease of use, and affordability are each obtainable through platforms like CloudVisit Telemedicine. Patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers can connect safely, securely, and conveniently through CloudVisit using existing hardware and internet connections. Learn more at or by calling 845-809-5770.

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