CloudVisit Telemedicine Adds a Mass Patient Import Feature to Its Software

CloudVisit adds mass patient importing, enabling providers to invite all existing patients to telemedicine.

HIPAA-compliant telemedicine provider CloudVisit Telemedicine continuously adds extra convenience to its software. Exceeding client requests, the company launched its telemedicine mobile app in March of 2011, and now announces mass patient importing as its newest feature. CloudVisit offers mass patient imports to all existing and future clients, and provides step-by-step instructions within its telemedicine portal.

CloudVisit’s patient import feature allows for mass patient account activation. Providers can add all of their existing patients into the system at once, in three simple steps. The newly-launched feature eliminates the need to manually reach out to every patient individually to mention telemedicine as an option. Instead, with a CSV file upload, CloudVisit creates a profile for each patient, and sends automatic emails to let patients know they can begin using telemedicine once their profile is completed. Now, providers can tell all patients about the telemedicine service without having to prompt each patient to begin the registration process.

CloudVisit strives to make both doctors’ and patients’ experiences hassle-free and convenient, allowing for optimal care. The company also understands that doctors are business owners. With the launch of mass patient onboarding, CloudVisit kept clients’ revenue in mind. Personalized mass emails are more time-efficient than individually prompting each patient to register. The new feature offers not only convenience, but stands as a marketing tool.

With CloudVisit Private Practice, providers receive a custom-branded portal; unlimited HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing; secure session notes; document sharing; calendars with appointment-setting options; fee-for-service pricing; patient credit card billing; a CCR data export; multi-user chat; and a mobile app for iOS and Android. CloudVisit’s web-based platform automatically updates all existing client portals with any new software updates without any required actions from the client.