Geriatric Telemedicine Improves Healthcare Accessibility and Patient Outcomes

Aging Baby Boomers Maintain At-Home Independence With CloudVisit Telemedicine; Multi-Chat Video Includes Adult Children From Afar

COLD SPRING, NY–(Marketwired – Mar 27, 2014) – For aging adults, online healthcare through easy, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine and telepsychiatry platforms like CloudVisit eases their transition to increased healthcare needs and reduced mobility. With longevity on the rise, 70 percent of adults over age 65 are predicted to need long-term healthcare. Remote health monitoring opens the door to improved, more efficient healthcare for the anticipated boom in our aging population.
CloudVisit Telemedicine is helping Baby Boomers and seniors maintain long-term wellness and independence by filling the gaps between in-office doctor appointments. Patients can participate in real-time, secure video sessions from home and even transmit data to their providers from low-cost Bluetooth monitoring devices. Adult children can even observe and participate remotely through CloudVisit’s multi-chat video option.
Telemedicine and telepsychiatry are near-perfect ways for adults to age in place and maintain at-home independence.
  • Travel-free video appointments with providers
  • Telehealth in-home monitoring of chronic conditions
  • Adult child participation from afar
“CloudVisit is the perfect support system for seniors to maintain at-home self-sufficiency,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit. “With just basic internet skills they can easily schedule and participate in appointments from home. The multi-chat option adds a valuable layer of reassurance by including caregivers and distant family members.”

Multi-chat telemedicine for aging parents

As a nation that disperses, adult children often live great distances from their aging parents, making it extremely difficult and time-consuming to play active roles in long-term healthcare. With CloudVisit, remote caregivers can play an active role in their parents’ wellbeing by participate in online video appointments. Multi-chat video appointments bring all parties together in real-time, erasing post-appointment confusion and mistranslation, and significantly improving treatment collaboration and compliance.

Telehealth for tech-friendly seniors

Through a new partnership with IDoApp, CloudVisit will soon be offering wireless-enabled remote monitoring devices. Through custom-branded telehealth programs, practices can make these affordable products available to their patients for home use. Real-time data from blood pressure monitors, body health analyzers, scales, and more are easily shared with providers to fortify the remote session.
“CloudVisit gives geriatric doctors and mental health professionals a highly effective, efficient, and safe way to deliver long-term medical support. For seniors, telemedicine and telehealth are about accessibility, which translates into compliance, freedom, and quality of life,” said Gilbert.

About CloudVisit Telemedicine

Leading healthcare information technology company, CloudVisit Telemedicine, provides HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based connectivity to medical professionals and patients. A full suite of medically minded practice management tools lets practices conduct telemedicine and telepsychiatry with ease. Learn more about CloudVisit’s easy to use, affordable plans and custom telehealth opportunities.

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