Telemedicine Software Company CloudVisit Telemedicine Aids in Pediatric Healthcare

CloudVisit Telemedicine Recognizes the Setbacks in Pediatric Healthcare and Offers Its Platform as a Proven Solution

Telepediatrics, or pediatric telemedicine, is the modern solution for medical treatment of children through HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing software. CloudVisit continues to witness success stories of its software as a service (SaaS) telemedicine platform helping both providers and patients in pediatric healthcare consults. With its unlimited video sessions, free patient accounts and mobile app, the telemedicine software company allows appointments to occur at any time, from anywhere.

CloudVisit’s telepediatrics solution helps providers boost their practices by offering a much simpler solution for worried parents. Parents of young children often resort to the emergency room when their child develops mild unexpected or non-emergency symptoms. With CloudVisit’s pediatric telemedicine solution, parents can request pediatrician appointments for non-emergencies without wasting time or money in emergency rooms.

This solution not only offers convenience and peace-of-mind to patients’ guardians, but supports providers by retaining their existing patient networks. A telemedicine service, when added to an established, well-functioning practice, will offer convenience that other facilities may lack. Telemedicine is a steadily-growing concept, and patients are looking for providers who offer the service. Telemedicine may be a deciding factor for patients when choosing a provider.

With a developed niche in telepsychiatry, CloudVisit’s platform assists in adolescent mental health. Children born in 2000 and later have a strong relationship with technology. Children and adolescents may be more willing to participate in telemedicine sessions over in-person sessions, specifically for mental health appointments. The online platform can ease anxiety and make patients more at-ease during appointments. Adolescents sometimes see mental health as a taboo topic — something to be embarrassed about. CloudVisit’s platform can ease some of the apprehension.

CloudVisit’s features can be purposed directly for pediatric offices. Pediatricians can consult their patients and patients’ caregivers with interactive, high-definition video sessions. Through use of CloudVisit’s multi-user chat feature, specialists can be invited into telemedicine sessions for in-depth consultations. Or, sessions can include remote family members. Guardians can schedule appointments with the interactive provider calendars and carry out the appointments on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For a pediatric provider, CloudVisit offers practice management features and video session tools including appointment calendars, document sharing, in-session notes, patient billing, administrative access, a CCR data export, receipt generation tool, and start-up training.