Budget-friendly Telemedicine for Today’s Practice

CloudVisit Telemedicine introduces a new, more affordable way to treat patients online: safe, secure CloudVisit Telemedicine Premium

Cold Spring, NY, Oct. 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovators in frustration-free healthcare, CloudVisit Telemedicine is changing the face of online patient care. With the launch of CloudVisit Telemedicine Premium, powerful telemedicine tools are now in the hands – and budgets – of individual doctors and mental health professionals. The CloudVisit web-based telemedicine platform and contract-free pricing allow even the smallest practice to affordably connect with patients online.
HIPAA-compliant online video appointments improve practice efficiencies, cut overhead, and ease physicians’ lives. But for many practices, the start-up costs of a telemedicine system are simply prohibitive. Now, providers on the cusp of telemedicine have a cost-effective, risk-free way to try out the technology. For nearly a year, CloudVisit Telemedicine has helped private practices and larger institutions launch safe, secure telepsychiatry and telemedicine platforms.
“Telemedicine is touted as the ultimate in healthcare accessibility,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. “Ironically, the majority of solutions are not financially accessible to smaller practices, most of whom have very tight budgets. We’re changing that with CloudVisit Telemedicine Premium.”

Register today, see patients tomorrow

With no sign-up fee and no contract, CloudVisit Telemedicine Premium provides unlimited telemedicine for just $175.00 per month. After a simple, online registration, doctors and mental health professionals can begin scheduling, conducting, and invoicing secure telemedicine sessions. All that’s needed is a computer or laptop with a webcam and broadband internet access.
“CloudVisit Telemedicine Premium quickly becomes an integral part of patient care and practice revenue,” stressed Gilbert. “We give providers the autonomy to manage appointments, patients, and pricing.”

Personalized telemedicine; The house call is back

CloudVisit never loses sight of what healthcare innovation means to patients. Not only are they committed to helping practices operate more productively, but their technology makes it possible for working adults and busy families to see the providers they know and trust, right from home. For homebound patients, it’s vital; for schedule-weary patients, it’s a priceless convenience.
“The more technologically advanced our nation becomes, the more appreciation we seem to have for the comforts of home,” said Gilbert. “It’s hard to beat one-on-one therapy from the comfort of your favorite chair or a 7pm pediatric check-in for a sore throat. CloudVisit is a win for providers and patients.”
Those looking for greater online visibility and expanded features can upgrade to CloudVisit Telemedicine Enterprise at any time. Expanded features and a custom-branded website provide additional administrative tools to help a thriving telemedicine practice run efficiently. Multi-provider practices can seamlessly integrate under one telemedicine “roof” letting providers maintain separate schedules, patients, and fee structures.
CloudVisit Telemedicine Premium is available today for all doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and other mental health professionals ready to try telemedicine or telepsychiatry. Register now for two free weeks of CloudVisit.

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