Telepsychiatry for Effective, Discrete Substance Abuse Treatment

Private, Online Telepsychiatry Platforms Like CloudVisit Telemedicine Help Ensure Long-Term Treatment Availability and Compliance for Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery

COLD SPRING, NY–(Marketwired – Mar 24, 2014) – Issues of substance abuse and addiction span all demographics, social classes, and geographies. However, access to effective psychiatric and behavioral therapy is often hindered by financial constraints and social stigmas. Telepsychiatry and telemedicine offer ways to overcome these hurdles by connecting doctors and substance abuse specialists with patients for online care. The result is cost-effective and completely private treatment that is sustainable for both providers and patients.
CloudVisit Telemedicine, a healthcare SaaS (software as a service) provider, offers a custom-designed telepsychiatry platform that facilitates the frequent communication, support, and follow-up care required for addiction recovery. Through CloudVisit, health professionals can conduct unlimited video sessions with patients who are in-facility or at home. For patients, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine through CloudVisit makes participation and compliance much easier and more discrete.
“We see CloudVisit as a perfect fit for substance abuse treatment facilities, community service boards, and private healthcare professionals. The unique inpatient and outpatient needs of providers and patients, whether financial or personal, can be effectively met with our easy-to-use, affordable telepsychiatry platform,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine.

CloudVisit: affordable telepsychiatry for inpatient addiction treatment

Inpatient substance abuse facilities come in many forms, both private centers and publicly funded clinics. High patient turnover and a wide range of abuse and addiction conditions create the need for extensive professional support, though serving large populations with limited funding is a challenge.
Telepsychiatry through CloudVisit lets these facilities tap into a full “staff” of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other addiction specialists without the need for constant on-site presence. Remotely, providers can participate in one-on-one patient assessments and group therapy, gathering real-time information about patients’ demeanors and offering direct support. With CloudVisit, a facility’s own network of professionals are brought together in one safe place, free from travel expenses and full-time salaries.

Outpatient substance abuse success through telepsychiatry

For adults and adolescents recovering from substance abuse, success depends on access to a network of support professionals. Telepsychiatry helps patients remain in close contact with the very same psychiatrists and therapists who treated them in-facility. Remote therapy helps patients more effectively transition from inpatient care to long-term wellness and lasting recovery as outpatients. Social stigmas are also erased when patients continue receiving confidential treatment from home.
Telepsychiatry and telemedicine answer financial and privacy concerns for a broad spectrum of healthcare channels, especially in substance abuse and remote psychiatric care. Travel-free treatment saves facilities money and fortifies the benefits of continuous patient care,” said Gilbert.
CloudVisit Telemedicine offers telepsychiatry platforms to suit a range of inpatient and outpatient processes and budgets. For a low monthly fee, providers can conduct unlimited HIPAA-compliant video sessions, made easy through medically-minded scheduling and tracking tools.

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