CloudVisit Telemedicine Aims to Reduce Unnecessary Emergency Room Admissions, and Helps With Specialist Consultations

CloudVisit addresses the problem of nonemergency cases using emergency room resources, as well as offers its telemedicine platform to aid emergency rooms in consulting specialists.

COLD SPRING, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 30, 2015) – CloudVisit Telemedicine’s HIPAA-compliant video and practice management software is helping to expand emergency room telemedicine.

Oftentimes, emergency room cases are not genuine emergencies. In non-emergency cases, visiting the emergency room only adds cost to patients, as well as the emergency rooms. CloudVisit’s telemedicine software can aid in decreasing emergency room admissions, eventually lowering overall healthcare costs.

The National Center for Health Statistics confirms the average emergency room visit costs at $1,049, while the average physician’s office visit is at $153. The rising cost of healthcare can be directly attributed to unnecessary emergency room admittance.

With CloudVisit, patients feel at-ease in knowing that their doctors are easily accessible. CloudVisit does not suggest that patients should conduct emergency visits from their homes. Rather, the company’s goal is to make physicians more available, and therefore, allowing individuals to become more involved with their health. Telemedicine consultations are also typically quicker than in-person sessions, eliminating all waiting time and travel. These factors can change habits in terms of seeing a doctor when needed, instead of when it becomes absolutely unavoidable.

Pediatric telemedicine program director in UC Davis Children’s Hospital, James Marcin, sees telemedicine as an essential part of an emergency room for pediatric care. “The bottom line is that this readily-available technology can and should be used to improve the quality of care delivered to critically ill children when there are no pediatric specialists available in their own communities,” says Marcin. This does not only apply to pediatrics, but to all emergency room patients who need specialists.

CloudVisit can aid in urban areas for convenience, but sees itself as an unavoidably essential tool in rural areas with severe specialist shortages.

CloudVisit Telemedicine features include a custom-branded portal; HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing; fully-encrypted session notes and document sharing; interactive online appointment calendars; session pricing; patient billing; bulk patient imports; administrative access; CCR data export; multi-user chat; and more. For very large projects, CloudVisit allows the use of its API for advanced customizations.