“Your Doctor, Somewhere in the Cloud”

Local Hudson Valley newspaper, The Putnam County News and Recorder, highlights CloudVisit Telemedicine and its team as a successful local telemedicine business that went national.

The Putnam County News and Recorder

Your Doctor, Somewhere in the Cloud

Doing Business in Phillipstown

By Douglas Cunningham

In a spacious second-floor office just off Route 9, a local company that mixed medicine and the latest in information technology hopes to bring new meaning to phrase, “the doctor will see you now.”

Daniel Gilbert, CEO, came to the idea naturally, perhaps; his father was a physician in New York City for four decades. “I grew up with medicine in my family,” Gilbert recalled.

CloudVisit grew out of web design company, Aurora Information Technology. Gilbert defines telemedicine as live video contact with a doctor – instant, direct and synchronous communication. In addition to a video consult, other tools are also coming to the fore: body health analyzers that measure analytics like weight, bone mass and blood pressure. Telemedicine can help address several needs, the CEO said. In sparsely populated areas, it can “leverage the availability of specialists.” Likewise, even in highly-populated areas, it can improve efficiency. The company markets to physicians’ groups, hospitals and medical trade associations. Doctors of medical practices typically pay a subscription fee for the service.

The company has been at its Route 9 office for almost two years, after moving from Chestnut Street. The office features vibrant company colors – bright blue, orange, magenta and green, along with abstract art using company business cards and published articles. Gilbert himself is a product of Westchester, but as he looked out the back window with its view of the woods, he seems to have clearly taken to the Phillipstown lifestyle.

A central focus of the company’s efforts is mental health. Gilbert said counseling for vets who have PTSD is an ideal use of the service; he said the Veterans Administration was “one of the early pioneers in the use of telemedicine.”

“We really hit the timing perfectly, with affordable health care. We started seeing an increase in demand.”

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