MRO Company CloudVisit Can Support Doubling of Wind Power by 2027: Wind Turbine Inspection Software That is Scalable for Technology Advancements

MRO software company CloudVisit foresaw the day when wind power would lead in global energy production. Global wind production is projected to double by 2027, and major companies such as Google and Amazon have already installed notable wind projects, supporting the viability and profitability of renewable energy. With these investments comes advancements in wind power technology, and a growth in wind power generation. The remote location of wind farms poses problems for wind turbine inspection, maintenance, and installation — and CloudVisit’s Wind Turbine software offers a proven solution. CloudVisit’s software enables the remote inspection of wind turbines so that inspectors do not have to travel from site to site. Installation and maintenance can be completed quicker, safer and with more efficiency. Quicker wind turbine installation, maintenance and repairs lead to quicker project completion and enables the wind power industry to expand faster. CloudVisit’s software can support the wind industry doubling by 2027.

As the wind power industry swells, it will need to implement new methods of wind turbine installation and wind turbine maintenance. The wind industry will need a scalable solution that can be used on new technologies. This solution must streamline wind turbine maintenance for individual turbine repairs to large-scale wind farm maintenance, both onshore and offshore. CloudVisit’s Wind Turbine Inspection Software provides an elegant solution to the thriving wind energy industry’s needs.


CloudVisit Wind Turbine Inspection Software Can Be Used on Advanced Wind Turbines

In 2018, corporate and other non-utility purchasers signed more Wind Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) than any other year. These investments have led to advancements in wind technologies and as advancements in wind power technology gain speed, the need for a scalable solution has risen.

General Electric has announced plans to build the world’s largest wind turbine, the Haliade-X turbine, which is triple the height of the Statue of Liberty. Advancements in offshore wind energy, such as the Hornsea 1 off the U.K.’s Yorkshire Coast, will create installation and maintenance challenges specific to their environment and will require a plan to address their needs.

CloudVisit’s Wind Turbine Installation Software is industry-specific and scalable to the project at hand. It can be implemented for offshore and onshore wind projects. Inspectors create a punch list of each task that must be completed, which are specific to the model and make of each turbine. This punch list can be used for individual turbine repairs or for whole wind farms.


The Booming Wind Energy Industry Continues to Thrive

The growing investments in wind power, as well as the advancements in technology, have led to larger farms with more turbines generating more power. Block Island Wind Farm, developed by Deepwater Wind off the coast of Rhode Island, is the first and largest offshore wind farm in the U.S. to date. This project will provide 100 percent of Block Island’s electricity needs, with a surplus. California has significant potential for offshore wind power generation with some of the highest wind speeds in the country. Using offshore wind energy, the state could produce 1.5 times the amount of electricity the state uses in a year for resale to other markets.

CloudVisit designed its Wind Turbine Installation Software because the company foresaw the great potential for wind energy. The software was designed to maximize safety, accuracy and efficiency in the installation, maintenance and repairs of turbines. CloudVisit provides a new generation of software that was designed with the purpose of enabling the wind industry to grow quickly and efficiently, safely and profitably.

CloudVisit currently serves many industries and offers Wind Turbine Software, Aviation Software, Maritime Software, Construction Software, Transportation Software and Telemedicine Software, and is expanding. The company is backed by 15 years of success in software programming, video conferencing, telemedicine and telecommunications. It has a proven record of excellence, efficiency, security and quality customer service. For questions about MRO software and remote inspections or to request a no-obligation demo, call 845-809-5770.


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