CloudVisit Telemedicine Assists Community Services Boards in Community Outreach and Patient Treatment Programs

CloudVisit Telemedicine understands the mission of community service boards and offers its platform for better community outreach, patient commitment to mental health and substance abuse programs, and overall better facility management.

Community services boards (CSBs) provide resources to the community, primarily for mental health services. CloudVisit Telemedicine, with a strong niche in telepsychiatry, provides a telemedicine software as a service (SaaS) to better reach the community, and provide the best possible care to individuals who need it most.

Typically, CSBs and community mental health resource facilities work with remote providers to care for incoming patients. Many times, individuals using the CSBs lack personal funds, often leaving them without reliable transportation. A telemedicine solution allows these individuals to be treated directly from the facility with remote providers. It’s a perfect scenario: the patient walks in, receives an evaluation of needed services, an appropriate remote provider is chosen based on needs, and the patient is connected directly to the appropriate provider right on the premises.

CloudVisit is a web-based, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing software. CloudVisit works as an extension of an established facility, allowing remote consultations between patients and providers, without distance limitations. CloudVisit also aids medical facilities in practice management with modules including scheduling, document sharing, administrative access, receipt-generation tools and billing options.

Conditions commonly treated through CSBs include mental health, intellectual disability and substance abuse. Each requires a comprehensive care approach, and ideally entails follow-up appointments. CloudVisit is essential for following up with individuals who have difficulty returning to the facility due to transportation, or any other reason.

In substance abuse rehabilitation specifically, telemedicine is a useful add-on to an existing program because the platform can help ensure patient compliance and commitment. If the patient allows, family members can also be included on sessions for additional support, for even better program results.

With CloudVisit, CSBs can become more in-tune with their community, quickly and efficiently refer patients to providers, save time, help more individuals, build a network of easily-accessible specialists, and establish a niche in telemedicine.

For providers working directly with CSBs—or those wishing to, but facing distance limitations—CloudVisit allows for easy connection, HIPAA-compliant video sessions, encrypted patient information, easy follow-ups, and patient network expansion.

Medical website design firm Aurora Information Technology, Inc. is CloudVisit’s parent company. After working with medical professionals for more than a decade, Aurora IT understood the need for a reliable telemedicine and practice management solution and developed CloudVisit based on contributions from individuals in the medical field.