Windfall in Renewable Energy: The Role of Remote Inspection Software in Offshore Wind Power Industry

CloudVisit’s unique remote inspection software provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to the growing demand for wind power. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), wind power is expected to expand 60 percent by 2023. As the wind energy industry blooms, the technology used to install, inspect, and maintain wind turbines must evolve. “The potential for growth here is unlimited, and I’m happy to support any renewable energy wind projects,” reported CloudVisit’s CEO and Founder, Daniel Gilbert.

Quality Assurance in Windfarm Installation and Maintenance

During the installation of wind turbines, quality control is critical for the life-span and energy output of the windfarm. The installation process is different for land windfarms and offshore windfarms, and is particularly difficult for offshore windfarms in deep water. Currently, the United States has more than 25 major offshore wind projects planned, mainly off the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coasts. In order for this industry to economically and logistically viable, there will need to be:

  • More trained technicians and experts
  • Improved installation time
  • Lower costs
  • Quicker turnaround time for the maintenance and repairs of existing turbines

Windfarm installation and maintenance can be dangerous and costly, and requires constant inspections and upkeep to maintain efficiency and maximize productivity. Routine maintenance and inspections of wind turbines often requires technicians to mount a single turbine using ropes and harnesses, and includes cranes and other heavy machinery. A wind turbine can be out of commission for months. Such a process is risky for technicians, and results in reduced energy output and significant repair expenses.

Remote Inspection Software Maximizes Safety, Time, and Quality Assurance

CloudVisit’s remote inspection, maintenance and repair software can be used to quickly train technicians and experts, reduce installation time and costs, and decrease inspection time. This software will be a boon to the burgeoning wind power industry, and make such concentrated growth possible.

CloudVisit Energy’s software can be used to train large numbers of people in the field, where people learn most effectively. This remote inspection software can also be used to assist technicians in the maintenance and repair of wind turbine so that a crane and ropes are not always necessary—saving time and money. The software pairs with third-party devices such as a drone, so that screen captures can be taken in only a few minutes, and used as verifiable proof of a wind turbine inspection. These images are archived in the cloud for safety and quality control records, and can be shared with necessary project members. Not only does this decrease the machinery involved and increase the turnaround time in repairs and maintenance, it is also a safer method and can be used to avoid injuries.

About CloudVisit

CloudVisit Energy provides quality assurance remote inspection software to ensure maximized efficiency and success of critical asset inspections, repairs and maintenance. Our software allows experts to inspect projects from their office, reducing travel time, costs of travel, and costs of keeping on site workers waiting for the experts arrival. CloudVisit software can be used by many industries, including construction, aviation, maritime, transportation, and telemedicine. Our company is backed by 15 years of success in software programming, video conferencing and telecommunications with a proven record of excellence, efficiency and security. For questions about our leading quality control and inspection software, or to request a no-obligation demo, call 845-809-5770.


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