CloudVisit Telemedicine and I Do App Announce mHealth Partnership

Innovative Telehealth Partners, CloudVisit and I Do App, Are Set to Transform Remote Patient Care With All-in-One Telemedicine and Home Health Devices

COLD SPRING, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 1, 2014) – Leading IT healthcare companies, CloudVisit Telemedicine and I Do App, LLC, announce their groundbreaking mHealth partnership. Feature-rich, SaaS (software as a service) telemedicine and telepsychiatry platform, CloudVisit, enables real-time video appointments between providers and patients. I Do App provides affordable mobile health monitoring devices for patients to track weight, wellness, and key biometrics from home, securely managed in their mobile app.
Now in partnership, the two are set to change the paradigm of affordable, accurate, and scalable online healthcare. CloudVisit and I Do App will deliver HIPAA-compliant telehealth and Bluetooth telehealth devices under one affordable mobile platform. Through custom-branded telehealth platforms, healthcare organizations can meet the growing demand for telemedicine and telepsychiatry, and tap into the social popularity of activity trackers and at-home health monitoring.
“From a business perspective, healthcare groups and wellness centers have a tremendous opportunity to grow and better serve patients with custom-branded telehealth initiatives,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. “With this partnership, we provide everything: private-label devices for resale, mobile app for personal tracking, and HIPAA-compliant video appointments. Healthcare providers can become the complete fitness and wellness solution for their patients,” he said.

Bridging the telehealth-telemedicine information gap

Half of U.S. adults are reported to have a chronic health condition, more than half own smartphones, and nearly 75 percent own a health- and fitness-tracking device, such as portable blood pressure and heart rate monitors or digital sports watches.
Now, rather than Americans digitizing their health data into an online abyss, CloudVisit and I Do App are using it to fortify the online consult. By combining budget-friendly home devices, a smartphone/tablet app, and scheduled video appointments, they are closing the healthcare information gap.

Telehealth: gateway to the doctor’s office

With the goal of solidifying the provider-patient partnership, CloudVisit and I Do App have the experience, resources, and proprietary platforms to design private label applications for a full range of uses.
  • Internal medicine and family practices
  • Adolescent and pediatric telemedicine
  • Geriatric telemedicine
  • Urgent care centers
  • Chronic condition monitoring — diabetes, heart disease
  • Teleweight loss for bariatric and long-term support
“We’re creating a powerful, online health exchange for patients and doctors, but we’re doing it in a way that lets doctors and other wellness organizations further their businesses and brands,” said Neil Friedman, president and CEO of I Do App, LLC.
To learn more about custom-branded telehealth solutions from CloudVisit Telemedicine and I Do App, contact CloudVisit at 845-809-5770.

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