CloudVisit Telemedicine: Diabetes Prevention Solution With Unlimited Telemedicine Sessions and Health Monitoring Devices

CloudVisit Telemedicine Aims to Solve the Prevalent Diabetes Problem With Preventive Care Using Telemedicine Weight Management and Nutrition, as Well as Health Monitoring Devices for Utmost At-Home Convenience to Encourage Long-Term Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance

CloudVisit Telemedicine, N.Y.-based telemedicine software company, uses its innovative HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution to treat current diabetes cases, and to prevent new ones from arising. CloudVisit believes in preventive care and aids individuals in their journeys to a healthy lifestyle. With CloudVisit, patients connect with specialists for convenient, at-home dietician and nutritionist telemedicine sessions. CloudVisit also offers health monitoring devices for weight management and measurement of vitals for ultimately comprehensive preventive and bariatric telemedicine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every ten Americans lives with diabetes. Eighty percent of people with Type 2 diabetes suffer weight problems.

Preventive care through telemedicine can decrease future diabetes cases through intensive weight management programs with complete patient privacy. CloudVisit allows for at-home appointments with nutritionists, dieticians, weight management professionals and primary care physicians. Giving patients access to convenient care will improve compliance with exercise and nutrition programs, which is essential to diabetes management and successful outcomes.

CloudVisit’s health monitoring devices include a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and a body health analyzer which measures weight, body fat, visceral fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass. Device readings are synced with a provider’s CloudVisit portal, giving a provider access to patient vitals and overall weight management progress. Document sharing features allow patients to record their daily diet and exercise regimens, and then send the necessary records to their providers for review and possible consultation. CloudVisit can send email notifications to a provider if a patient’s vitals go over a specific threshold to ensure patient safety and program commitment.

CloudVisit works with hospitals, private practices, assisted living facilities, psychiatric centers with inpatient residents, and other establishments looking for telemedicine and mHealth solutions. All health monitoring devices can be private-labeled and sold from external facilities. If a doctor wishes to offer his patients mHealth devices from a private office, the option is available through CloudVisit.

CloudVisit Telemedicine is an ideal solution for nutritionists and dieticians. In these specialties, patients benefit equally from in-office visits and telemedicine sessions. The latter provide convenience that traditional appointments fail to match. Patients are more likely to continue their progress if time and transportation issues are eliminated. Telemedicine modernizes preventive care and has the potential to encourage every American to proceed with lifestyle changes that would have otherwise been stalled or neglected entirely.

The World Health Organization reports that 80 percent of diabetes deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. CloudVisit sells its comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions and mHealth devices to providers and institutions outside the U.S. to manage diabetes and other conditions where real-time monitoring, storage of vitals and doctor analysis is essential.

CloudVisit Telemedicine is a web-based doctor-patient videoconferencing SaaS. The telemedicine platform offers unlimited video sessions and robust practice management tools including interactive provider calendars, controlled appointment setting, a CCR data export option and session notes. CloudVisit’s portal can be fully customized for each individual practice.